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8 Relationship Red Flags We Need to Stop Overlooking

Relationships are awesome but red flags we need to stop overlooking I’m gonna have to go ahead and sort of disagree with you there allow us to feel so many great things. Otherwise would never get to experience but they also put us through a lot of emotions. We seem to love getting ourselves into them but in hopes of making you better navigate through the relationship landscape of life. I’ve put together a list of eight relationship red flags that we need to stop overlooking.

Red Flags We Need to Stop Overlooking

  1. Unique Individuals
  2. Previously Allocated Time
  3. Competitive Drive
  4. More Like Yourself
  5. Drag The Past Into The Present
  6. Play Mind Games
  7. Things Get Challenging
  8. Primarily physical

Unique Individuals

You’re not yourself this can also be classified as you’re not comfortable being you or being who you are. We all have our own oddities and our own little things that make us into who we are. Make us unique individuals I like to have a lot of fresh fruit around. If you can’t be that genuine version of yourself with the person that you’re in a relationship with that’s usually not a very good sign. That’s someone you’re gonna want to spend the rest of your life with I don’t believe it.

Previously Allocated Time

You keep losing time to do the things that you love of course when you enter into a relationship it’s going to take up some of the resources being the time that you previously allocated to do other things in life. But what you want to make sure is that the relationship never completely takes over all the time that you previously spent doing things you’re passionate or that are very important to about striking that balance making sure that you’re able to spend ample time with the person you’re in a relationship with without giving up all the time. To do the other things that you care about and would love to do otherwise good luck with that.

Competitive Drive

You compare rather than celebrate we all have a little bit of a competitive drive within us but when it comes to partnerships or relationships. It’s always good to kind of see yourselves as being on the same team rather than in competition with one another while. You can definitely push one another healthily to go after your goals what you want to avoid is I’ve accomplished this they’ve accomplished that. I’m therefore jealous of what they’ve accomplished and they make me feel less than see yourselves as that team and if you don’t that’s probably a relationship that can get quite toxic.

More Like Yourself

You feel relieved when you have time apart it’s natural and it’s healthy for all of us to be very independent within ourselves. So that we’re not dependent on relationships to fulfill anything within us but what you want to avoid is a relationship. Where when you finally get some time apart from one another it feels like it’s a final time apart from one another. I made a day on break it’s good to love your independent time it’s love what you’re capable of doing on your own. But you also don’t want to have that red flag in place that you feel so much more like yourself are so much more comfortable. When you finally have some time away from that person that you proclaim to want to spend the rest of your life.

Drag The Past Into The Present

You keep bringing up the past whether it’s that trauma that happened within this relationship or the traumas that happen in the ones prior to it. If you keep bringing the past into the present moment all you’re doing is polluting your ability to be with your partner in the present moment. I’m sorry so something that could be a major red flag is when either one of you or both you consistently drag the past into the present rather. Than allowing yourselves to truly appreciate each other at this moment right now.

Play Mind Games

You play mind games with each other at the initial stages of dating this can be fun. Then I guess could be a good way to get to know one another again today. If you find yourself you know six months one year five years ten years into a relationship and you still feel the need to play mind games with one another to see whether or not your partner is trustworthy or whether or not. They do something if you put them in a certain situation that’s probably a pretty clear red flag get yourself to a point where you truly trust someone that you don’t need to play the mind games with and instead could just have healthy conversations about anything that challenges yours.

Things Get Challenging

You don’t turn to each other for help, of course, we always have certain friends and family members. That provides some of the best advice and it’s always healthy to turn to those people when things get rough. I’m here for you but if your partner or the person you’re in a relationship with and someone. That you completely avoid when things get challenging that’s probably a pretty clear red flag you want to make sure that you can trust each other with everything and that you can turn to each other for support. When the going gets tough in addition to the other people that time has already shown to you can trust.

Primarily physical

We all love the physical aspect of relationships it could be fun it could be exciting especially when you have really good chemistry. But a big relationship red flag is if the basis of your relationship is strictly the physical stuff. I don’t care if your sex is completely out of this world if there’s nothing else to the relationship that’s quite a big red flag. You want to make sure you have the emotional connection the conscious connection the intellectual connection all the different levels of connection in addition to the physical one or at least strike a balance between them all rather than to be completely weighed in one particular area way more than any other.


  1. I haven’t checked in here for a while because I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂


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