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Certo Sure Jell – The Ultimate Solution for Detox

Have you ever heard the name Sure Jell or Certo? Yeah, probably from the addicted community. They are using Certo Sure Jell for the THC detox from the system to pass their drug tests.

The topic Certo Sure Jell for detox gone viral when it was first published on redstormscientific.com. All of a sudden, the forum on the internet get part in spreading the word, especially YouTubers. YouTubers put a lot of effort into the topic. They even share their live session experience while undertaking the drug test.

Statistically speaking, cannabis, marijuana, opioids, and weeds are consumed by the majority of our community. A survey conducted by statisticBrain.com states that 56.4% of American employers make pre-employment drug tests compulsory. Collectively, they spent $3.7 billion annually on drug tests. From this survey report, you can imagine the figure of people who consumes weeds on a daily basis.

Passing a drug test is important in many circumstances like you could get a job if you pass your drug test, or you can keep your existing job after passing the drug test. It is therefore important for you to get it right, maybe that will be the only golden opportunity for you to get the job and pursue your career in your dream company.

What is the exact procedure to follow for THC detox in order to pass the Certo drug test? Is it working to pass a drug test or just a rumor? How does pectin help in detoxification of THC from the system? All of the questions are answered in the following explained post.

If you think you are addicted to drugs, then the only hope is to use the following method of Certo Sure Jell to pass your drug test by detoxifying THC from your internal system. This procedure helps you to pass both the urine and blood drug tests. However, it is not very useful for the hair drug test.

What is Certo or Sure Jell?

Both Certo and Sure Jell are the popular brands of PECTIN. Pectin is a fruit. Due to its excellent gelling properties, it is commonly used in making Jams, Jellies, marmalade, and other thickeners. It has been marketed by Kraft Foods since 1912 in the USA market. Both Sure Jell (or gel sometimes) and Certo are manufactured by the same manufacturer, that is, Sure Jell company.

It has also been used for clearing your drug test. Pectin helps in THC detox to pass your drug test. How, actually? Here is the answer to how. For a short time, it temporally flushes your system of toxins by pointing your urinary region and urinary bladder to remove toxin and flush metabolites for about five or six hours. Means, Pectin stops the THC to enter into your urine system or blood for a short period of 5 to 6 hours. Within that duration, you can urinate for the drug test and your drug test will be cent% negative. Pectin is the fundamental ingredient that helps in THC Detox which ultimately helps in passing your drug test.

Certain people have claimed success by using Sure Jell for a drug test as this method has been around for years. However, this method does not guarantee you that it should work for you. But this method has been considered as the most authentic and reliable method for passing a urine Certo drug test.

Basic Ingredients of Certo Sure Jell

Here is a complete list Certo or Sure Jell ingredients– Water, Potassium Citrate, Pectin, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, and Citric Acid.

Let’s talk briefly about each ingredient and its role.

Water – You might know that water has a diuretic effect. And due to the diuretic effect, it dilutes the urine.

Potassium Citrate – As the name represents, it is a source of potassium. it is usually used for controlling acidity.

Pectin – It temporally flushes your system of toxins by aiming your urinary area and urinary bladder to remove toxin and flush metabolites for about a short term of five or six hours. Pectin helps in detoxifying the THC from the smoker addict system means, Pectin stops THC to enter to your urine system or blood for a short time of 5 to 6 hours. Within that duration, you can urinate for your drug test and your drug test will result in negative. Pectin also helps in Jams and other thickeners due to excellent gelling properties. To cut it short, pectin is the fundamental ingredient of Certo Sure Jell that ultimately helps in passing your drug test.

Lactic Acid – Lactic Acid has also good gelling properties. So, it helps the Pectin in gelling.

Sodium Benzoate – it is a basic source of sodium. Sodium Benzoate is a preservative. It is an electrolyte. In the Certo drug test method, you are supposed to drink a gallon of water, which can be deadly, so sodium like electrolytes must be used to avoid the deadly behavior of gallon water.
Citric Acid – Citric Acid is a molecule and necessary for cell metabolism.

What are the Uses of Certo or Sure Jell?

The following are some uses of Certo or Sure Jell.

  1. It is used in Jams, Jellies, and other thickeners due to its excellent gelling behavior.
  2. When it is added to jams and other thickeners, then less heat is required for boiling it. It also used for the settling down of jams and jellies quickly.
  3. After the news spread of the sober behavior of Certo Sure Jell on the internet and in the communities, lots of people are now using it for passing their Drug test.


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