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Four Outfits That are Perfect for The Cold Weather

I’m pretty pumped for this one because if you guys read my winter style article you would know that I was really frustrated with New York weather for the winter because it was super warm super cold super all over the place and then we had a blizzard but I was really excited about that because it allowed a bunch of snow which means I could write this article for you guys so I told you.

Four outfits that are perfect for the cold weather or if you live with a lot of snow this is perfect for you because. You guys a bunch of things that I love wearing during the winter when it’s super cold you have to truck it through the snow I live in New York so you have to walk to the subways it’s a lot so these keep you super warm your feet super dry everything’s great so I really hope you guys get a lot of fashion inspiration from this whether you own a few of the items already or you can go to the store and stock up for next year everything’s on sale now I hope you enjoy and let’s get started starting off with outfit.

 I love this one because of all of the neutral colors it incorporates it has kind of a muted feel to it so it has like hints of mob and purple which I love so starting off with the most important thing in my opinion and that’s shoes if you live in a snow climate or cold climate warm feet is essential so I have these are timber lands but I love them because they’re like this neutral tan color which match a lot of things in my wardrobe plus they’re super warm and can handle the snow they’re waterproof they’re awesome so what I also paired with that was just some black jeans am I essential.  I buy mine from Paige denim I love that and then over it what I love to do is layer so you’re gonna find a ton of sweaters or just big thick comfy sweaters underneath my jacket so I have this white one from forever 21 and then over it I wore I layered it with this big fluffy coat from rag-and-bone layering is key and then for my scarf that’s from Target is just a big blanket scarf I can wrap it around my face a bunch of times if I need to and then of course I topped it off with a hat hats in the cold or the winter in general is just super important so that’s from Top shop for outfit

This one incorporates something that I think is crucial for the snow or the cold and that’s a big fluffy down jacket I think they’re super important just because they keep you super warm they’re also really really comfortable my dad they feel like a big down comforter is on you the whole day but these are for those extra windy days or when you want to play in the snow with your friends or go sledding or something. I always have one of these are awesome this one is from Macy’s you can always find these on sale so be on the lookout for my shoes those are of boots you guys have seen these in winter look books throughout a couple years now they are kind of like my staple and go to super warm they can truck it through the snow and all that fun stuff.

Then for jeans I just wore some basic denim jeans from Levi’s and then my sweater is from Urban Outfitters as well as my little cute ear muff hat and she put over my head yeah this next outfit is to show you guys that you can still be stylish and cute while also still being warm so I’m going to start off with the boots of course I only have two pairs of winter boots and they’re the ones you’ve already seen so I’m wearing the same boots as before a tip for you when buying winter boots is to buy a neutral color so like black or brown just so you get the most use out of them of course I’m wearing some black jeans and then underneath my jacket I’m wearing a black knit sweater from forever 21 super warm super thick.  Another tip for you is to buy pattern scarves this one that. I’m wearing is from Zara I always think they add a little bit of texture to your outfit and they always just make it look better so it’s kind of a tip to still stay cute and stylish but also scarves are super warm.

Lastly for my hat that is from American Eagle I love wearing beanies or knit hats because they keep a lot of the heat inside and they also save for a bad hair day and lastly I love this one because it incorporates a lot of your classic winter colors super comfortable like all of these are but I love this one I find myself wearing this one the most so starting off again with the boots those are my timber lands I love them so much go buy them they’re on sale right now actually – then of course I’m just wearing some classic blue jeans I bought mine at Paige denim but blue jeans are just essential underneath I’m wearing this sweater which is from loft thanks Carrie um and I love that then I’m wearing a scarf from Windsor I love adding scarves you guys know this one’s like a maroon color so it’s a super fun way to add color and then over it I’m wearing this jacket which I purchased from Urban Outfitters I love this one super warm and it’s just really fun to kind of bundle up with then lastly of course I’m wearing the beanie again from American Eagle I love this one this one has been my go-to this year actually super warm and really cute plus it goes with a lot of stuff.

Thank you guys so much for reading I really hope you guys enjoyed this article if you did be sure to give it a commits. 


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