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Men Read Other Men’s Deepest Secrets

Men Read Other Men’s Deepest Secrets when I was 10 my father always told me how strong I was supposed to be because I was a male so each night when I came back from school. He would take me to the basement and hit me until not even a single tear would shed. I have never dated anyone but it makes me feel very unrest Keulen and almost weak. I’ve never dated anyone in my 28 years of life I’ve been single not for lack of trying. I think there’s definitely something to say when our society talks about losing your virginity.

When you’re younger one of the things that I found helpful for me was that if eventually, I’m going to have sex I’d rather have sex with someone who’s worth it there’ll be moments where. I kind of wish that wasn’t the case but it then just comes back again to what matters most having had sex or have been able to do so with someone. I care about I’m a 20-year-old gay man but I’ve always had a hard time actually calling myself a man. This really hits close to home because I also identify as a gay man I went to like Catholic School and I got teased. Men’s Deepest Secrets

I’m not like a stereotypical man like I’m not good at sports. I’m like all those things that are stereotypical of like what a boy should be who you know that that’s beautiful as an emotional man. I always feel like I have to act fearless and strong but in reality, I’m extremely sensitive. I’m too scared to be who I am I think everyone feels that way in a sense. I was 19 years old I was with a bunch of friends there was an altercation that ended up happening where there was a group of guys.

Ten our group of guys we got into it and what was I gonna do run right that’s what I felt like doing. But the mask right I had to put on was one of a fearlessness strength when I was a child my own mother prosecuted me no one believed me. Because they said it only happened to girls the men who rate me are still out there that’s a heavy one. I myself I haven’t been prostituted but I have been molested by my own family member I was about six years old and she invited me into the room and he already had her clothes off and she continued to do stuff to me.

I got older the memories and the feelings and the thoughts and the emotions kept coming back through nightmares through lashing out emotionally. It sounds cliche but it’s very real it’s not your fault so do not put that shame on yourself. That shame belongs to the abuser the stigma that guys boys men cannot be molested or rape its fiction my ex-girlfriend physically and sexually abused me I felt helpless because I couldn’t tell anyone.

I would get made fun of I no longer can engage with anyone sexually I’ve also been in an abusive relationship it’s a little difficult. Because I am a guy of trans experience I fight daily with feeling man enough being in this type of situation it is extremely helpless especially when outside people looking into your situation. You’re letting a woman beat on you what are like are you weak and that’s not the case because in my opinion I was way stronger and I loved her more to know.

I would never put my hands on you in that way so this person I say doesn’t hold yourself back from eventually finding someone that loves you unconditionally. I had a very hard time accepting who I was and my form of masculinity for a very long time the only advice I can give is to explore what it means to be a man for yourself.


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