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Vitamins, Supplements and Heart Disease

One of the most common questions I get from patients are what are some supplements. I can take for cardiac protection now vitamins are extremely common most people take vitamins. But really the data for vitamins is extremely poor especially for cardiac health.

So there’s been studies looking at vitamin C and vitamin E and they’re actually not beneficial at all in fact. There’s been a study looking at vitamin E supplementation and it actually may lead to a more heart failure and stroke.

We actually actively discourage our cardiac patients from taking vitamin E now vitamin C probably doesn’t do anything for the heart. We tell them if you want to take it for common cold. You can but for a heart of protection really there is no benefit and most people think.

That maybe multivitamin is helpful actually it’s actually no benefit for cardiac protection there has never been a vitamin that actually helps protect heart. Now some people say what about vitamin D the data on vitamin D is extremely sketchy.

If your vitamin D levels very low there might be benefit to supplementing vitamin D but for the rest of us the data is not very good so for right now. We’re gonna wait for the trials for vitamin D.

But really there is no data to support routine use of any of these vitamins for cardiac protection. There are some over-the-counter vitamins that can definitely be harmful and we really want you to talk to your doctor before you take.

Any supplemental vitamins there’s been some vitamins that increase heart rates because they’re made out of animal thyroid some of them are some of them actually increase heart rate and blood pressure.

We’re very careful to tell our patients especially our heart disease patients who are on anti hypertensive medicine to please speak to us before they take anything there is also over-the-counter cholesterol-lowering medicine some of them actually have had multiple FDA warning letters about causing liver damage there are vitamins.

I can definitely interfere with your cardiac medicines, There are vitamins that can increase your bleeding time for example cause increase in your heart rate and your blood pressure and that can actually lower.

The efficacy of some of the medicines you’re taking so it’s really important to talk to your doctor about the vitamins because some of them can definitely interact with your cardiac medications.

Making them less beneficial or maybe increasing or potentiating the effect we worry most about bleeding complications so there are patients with afib who are on coumadin or on newer anticoagulant agent and then they get started on a supplement.

They’re bleeding time greatly increases and they come in with you know profound bleeding events so before you start any supplements a good idea to talk to your doctor about whether these supplements can harm or benefit you.



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